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Students need many opportunities to write in mathematics.

Journaling can be done as a warmup, independent work, closing, or homework activity.

“Writing in math class supports learningbecause it requires students to organize, clarify, and reflect on their ideas--all useful processes for making sense of mathematics. In addition, when students write, their papers provide a window into their understandings, their misconceptions, and their feelings about the content.”

Burns, M. (2004). Writing in Math. Educational Leadership. Oct. 2004 (30).

Good Questions
Journals prompts can also be developed through good questions. Good questions are open-ended questions that provide many entry points for students. They naturally differentiate. They require students to think before responding. They are valuable for starting discussions. They support the distinguished actions of a component 3B Using Questioning Prompts/Discussion Techniques of the Danielson Framework. Look for a new section in 2014-2015 on each standard page with good questions for that standard. Until then, the resource below can be used to inspire good questions for mathematics instruction.

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