Count within 1000; skip-count by 5s, 10s, and 100s.

Learning Targets:

  • I can skip count to 1,000 by 5's.
  • I can skip count to 1,000 by 10's.
  • I can skip count to 1,000 by 100's.

Assessment Tasks

(These tasks can be used for formative or summative data. Visit Assessing Students for more information.)

Task Rubric

Additional Tasks from Other Sources:

Math Test Count By 10

Progression of Skills

The progression of skills breaks down component skills and understandings that are requisites for learning the standard. To provide an effective intervention, identify what skills students need to develop before additional work with the standard.

Other Common Misconceptions

Some students memorize skip-counting patterns like they do their alphabet or similar patterns. In these cases, students are repeating numbers without any thought about what is being added each time or how this is helpful when applied to computation. Be sure to have students explain the pattern when skip-counting.

• Utilize problem solving and application of standard.

• skip-count backward

• skip-count from numbers other than the multiple (by 10 starting at 43, 62, 78)

• skip-count by other numbers (2, 20, 50, etc)

Essential Skills and Knowledge (from MSDE Common Core Frameworks)

  • Ability to skip count within 100 using the hundreds chart and 1000 using the thousands chart
  • Ability to skip-count starting from various numbers (e.g., counting by tens starting with 27)
  • Ability to determine patterns when skip-counting